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5 things you can do for the climate

Matilda Bengtsson

1 feb. 2022

Here is 5 tips where you can start make a different for the climate today.

1. Ride your bike Or take the bus to your school, workplace or your friend's house. 2. More vegetarian food Reduce your intake of animal based products and take in some more vegetarian food. Here is a link of vegetarian recipes that I have tried out some of them, my favorite is nr. 3 Sheet-Pan Baked Feta With Broccolini, Tomatoes and Lemon. 3. Shop less and smarter We have to reduce overconsumption. When we buy new products it increases the greenhouse gas emissions because of the company's factories that make them. So look into a Second hand shop or switch clothes with your friend or neighbor next time you think of buying a new product. 4. Choose Renewable Electricity If you aren't in charge of the electricity in your home, talk to the person that is. Are you using renewable electricity? You can start already now by turning off all the lights when you are not using them. 5. Take the train instead of flying! When you’re planning your holiday, can you plan it by taking the train? See if you can take vacation near you, if you just open your eyes and google you will see that there is more to explore right next to you. If you are going on a trip to a place far from you, try to stay away a little bit longer and help with the biodiversity where you are. These tips are inspiered from

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