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The Film

The film is a way for us to get closer to the expedition that starts with an impossible quest: retracing the footsteps of professor Nordenskiöld.

Could this be the end of our era as we know it?
Can we adapt to this fatal change on planet earth?
Lets find out together. 

Full Lenght documentary

The film will be approx.  50 minute long

cinematic adventure

This cinematic documentary film will showcase the beauty and importance of the Arctic,

real people with real stories

The film will portray the heroes on the front line of climate change - the scientists and the guides that keep them safe. 


Directors vision

Many climate climate change films are often confrontational and use scare tactics


Presenting arguments and confronting audiences often triggers resistance, ignorance or even results into a state where people start to create counter arguments and become (more) sceptical.


Nowadays, when we talk about climate change, it’s quickly associated with violence and protest and I think that’s a shame.


With this film, I don’t want to create a confrontational and argument based film of climate change or the Arctic. Of course, statements are based on scientific research. But the science itself, the numbers and data, doesn't connect with people. Stories do.


This is a human-nature love story. An attempt to understand the world we live in. Because I believe if we understand nature, and understand the interdependent relationship between humans and nature, we can nurture it, and work towards sustainable solutions.

The Documentary Film Team

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