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We get a lot of questions. Let us answer some of them here.

When is the expedition happening?

27 February 2022: Training Expedition to Laponia, Sweden
The Expedition Team embarks on a weeklong expedition in Arctic Sweden to learn necessary expedition and survival skills.

26 April 2022: Departure to Longyearbyen, Svalbard
24 months of preparations come to an end as the Expedition Team travels to Longyearbyen, Svalbard, for final logistics.

1 May 2022: Expedition Start
The Expedition starts with a long journey by snowmobile to reach the starting point at Mossel Bay. From there the expedition will embark on skis and be unsupported for up to 35 days.

5 June 2022: Tentative Expedition End
Expected return date to Longyearbyen, Svalbard

How will the expedition affect the participants?

No one can say exactly how this expedition will affect the participants because every individual will experience the expedition differently. But this is not an easy expedition, it's a self-supported journey with challenges like extreme cold temperatures, polar bear encounters, and shifting sea ice conditions.

What will the weather conditions be like on Svalbard?

It's known as Tundra climate, it is cold all year. Average temperature is -6.9°C and the yearly Precipitation is 271 mm. The climate is arctic and more than half of the land area on the mountainous islands is covered by ice sheets. When the team gets there the lowest temperature can be -30°C and average will be -3°C.

How do the team members prepare for this expedition?

The team has a training expedition to Laponia, Sweden 27 of February. The training expedition is for all the participants to try out the equipment and to feel how the real expedition is going to be like. Other than that, every person is training for pulling heavy loads and running to get in good condition.

How did this project start?

The expedition leader Jonas Paurell is the owner of Terra Photography Expedition and when Covid hit the world, it also hit his company. When reading a book of Professor A.E Nordenskiöld’s expeditions, the idea of The Jubilee Expedition was born. Following that moment, Jonas dedicated all his time to make the project a reality. As we are now approaching the 150 year jubilee, it is time to make the expedition real and celebrate Nordeskiöld’s route.

Is the team available for interviews with media?

Absolutely! We wish to communicate as loudly as possible and are happy to speak to anyone who would listen!

Is the project climate compensated?

Not yet, but as soon as we have the total calculation of our carbon footprint this will be climate compensated.

How can we help The Jubilee Expedition reach more people?

Share our stories on social media and tell your friends about us!

Is it possible to sponsor the Jubilee Expedition?

Yes, we are actively pursuing corporate and individual sponsorships and donations to make the expedition's reach as large as possible. Please get in touch directly with the production team at

Is Jubilee Expedition a registered charity?

No, we are not registered as a charity. The project is a social enterprise, which seeks to maximise benefits to the world. The very vast majority of work that has gone into the production of this expedition has been done completely without salaries or other benefits.


Have unanswered questions? 

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